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West Cliff Stairs - Westcliff Drive, JHB

Well if you want a workout that will be an important part of your trail prep for the year stairs have got to be at the top of the list and with that I recommend that you try fit the West Cliff stairs into your training somewhere, I did this workout this morning for the first time and.... OH WOW, what an awesome workout. How it started is that I needed to find a place to park so I could warmup before and cooldown after so decided on the JHB botannical gardens without measuring distance, it turned out to be a 4.5km warmup and cooldown which is good. I did 10 up and 10down repeats of the 120m +- 100 step drill and I felt great afterwards. In prep for those brutal Hennops mountains these steps or any others in fact must definitely be added to your training program. I know that I can be weak on the hills but adding this to my training will make me stronger than ever.

Another stair training workout I can recommend is the Ruimsig Stadium stairs, this includes the small stairs and big stairs, the bigger stairs are great for preparing us for those boulders we sometimes have to tackle.

Below is a link to a map of where the stairs are. The stairs go from Westclff Drive up to Woolston Rd.

WestCliff Stairs - Map

Runnersworld Column about these Stairs

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Comment by Clinton Hunter on January 25, 2011 at 9:13

Thanks Joe, the problem is 6am is too early for me to get all the way to Klipriviersberg. For now I run on Sunday mornings at Teak Place at 8am and may every now and then swap it out for Kings Kloof.

I am definitely making sure I am ready for the Winter Series.

Just in case you don't know (I did add it as an event) there is an 8km night trail on the first Wednesday of every month, the next one is next week at Rand Park Golf Club. I did one last year, what a way to improve your concentration and stability ;-) Check in the events section, it's organized by Kinetic gear.

Comment by Jose Rebordao on January 25, 2011 at 9:06

Hi Clinton,

Not easy to do the steps, I do them twice a month and that is because some of the RAC Sunday's club runs incorporate this section as part of the route.

To make it worse is that when the run arrives at the bottom of the stairs we have already 20k's in the legs and that makes the steps a monster.

Don't forget that we meet every Saturday at 6 in the morning at the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. Last Saturday the group did the 15k loop and took us 1H 48M. (5 minutes was for game viewing)

The group includes some of the regulars of our trail series and we are hoping to be fit and ready when our winter series start.


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